The history of chest waxing

The history of chest waxing

On April 26, 2017 Oneball held a chest-waxing for charity event at Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club. Several brave men, including Oneball’s president Christopher Lloyd, volunteered their chests to help give testicular cancer a kick in the groin. If you want to see grown men cry and learn the history of chest waxing, you’re in the right place. If you came here for manly stuff like expensive sports cars and wrestling… sorry. Disclaimer: This story may cause sudden urges to wax your chest, however it should not be taken as factual information

Testicular Cancer Survivor told "Too much ball room an unfair advantage" in Toronto Dance Competition

Testicular Cancer Survivor told "Too much ball room an unfair advantage" in Toronto Dance Competition

Testicular Cancer Survivor Josh Hamm was denied entrance into the "Pocket Pool Ballroom" dance competition this week after being told that him having one less testicle was an "unfair advantage" to other dancers. Josh recalls "I couldn't believe it, and I started joking with my friends that apparently there was no room for ball room in this competition". Needless to say, the internet had something to say about this, and thus the hashtag #roomforballroom was born.

My body is working against me... #FITASBALLS Entry 2

My body is working against me... #FITASBALLS Entry 2

Month #1 was quite difficult. On top of the exercise itself, I faced a number of setbacks which made things even harder. This blog entry is going to introduce you to the 3 major challenges I faced, all of which will get their own blog post later on this year! The three big hurdles that hit me were: testosterone, injury, and diet.

Thank you for busting our balls.

Thank you for busting our balls.

Today is International Women's Day and we need to recognize the important role women play in our lives, especially when it comes to our health - whether it’s fighting the dreaded man-cold, or something more serious like testicular cancer. I can tell you from personal experience, women have LITERALLY saved my life, and made me the best version of myself.

SVP Calgary Fast Pitch Competition

SVP Calgary Fast Pitch Competition

Our very own president of Oneball, Chris Lloyd, was one of the 13 nonprofit leaders selected [NI2] to participate in the Fast Pitch competition. Chris found the two months of coaching to be a unique and invaluable experience, saying, "it was a HUGE privilege to be a part of the SVPC Fast Pitch competition. On top of learning about all the incredible work charities are doing in our city, I really got the chance to build a great pitch that really captures what Oneball is all about. I look forward to using parts of this pitch everywhere Oneball goes in the future!"

Got balls?

Got balls?

When talking about getting him neutered, we asked questions like how will this affect his growth? Will his personality change? What if he (we) wanted puppies one day? I was actually very scared about someone operating and removing a part of him, even though there were many very good reasons for him to get neutered. But how could I do this to my little puppy? Much to my own surprise, this experience really got me thinking about my own experiences with having balls removed and how it has impacted my life.

Cancer-Patient Database Analysis Leads to Important Research Finding

Currently, testicular cancer patients receive medical follow-up for many years after undergoing chemo-therapy. The latest research findings indicate that this follow-up may no longer be necessary after two years. In 2012, Oneball supported and funded a proposal to create a database and registry of patients with testicular cancer where medical professionals could assess patient outcomes, prognostic factors and better delineate clinical questions that are were unclear. The latest research study to use the database was the Conditional Survival of Patients with Metastatic Testicular Germ Cell Tumors Treated With First-Line Curative Therapy, which found that CT scans are no longer needed for testicular cancer patients two years after undergoing chemo-therapy. 

Super Ball Recap

Super Ball Recap

This year Oneball expanded its fundraising efforts for the Super Bowl, which is better known as the Super Ball to Oneballers. While the main event was still at Hudsons Downtown, we had several betting games at the Crowfoot and Shawnessy locations of Hudsons as well. Through the 85 people at the Downtown location and the betting games at the other locations we were able to raise over $5,300!

Oneball UCalgary Dodgeball Tournament

Oneball UCalgary Dodgeball Tournament

The month of November has been nothing short of exciting for Oneball's UofC chapter. Our volunteers and executives have been working day and night to make our events run smoothly, and their work has paid of immensely. Both the testicular cancer awareness week and dodgeball tournament were massively successful in promoting testicular cancer awareness. These events made November Oneball UCalgary's most rewarding month to date!



Come join the fun at Hudsons Downtown Calgary for Super Bowl XLIX, the 49th Edition of the Super Bowl Championship Game! Once again, the party will be for the benefit of the Oneball Charitable Cancer Organization ( Support a Great Cause and have a blast!

Party Details:

  • Located at Hudsons Downtown Calgary (1201 5th Street SW)
  • Facebook Event
  • Appetizers to be provided by Keyera Corp.
  • Show up early to place bets (buy squares, fill out props sheets, buy 50/50 tickets, etc.)
  • Kick-off is at 4:30 PM MST
  • Katy Perry / Lenny Kravitz halftime show
  • Prizes to be paid in cash at the end of the game

Be sure to like Oneball Facebook page, follows us on @Oneballcharity, and we hope to see you all there!

A special Thank you goes out to Hudsons Tap House and the Keyera Corporation for helping sponsor this event!



In an effort to support our brothers in balls Check One Two, oneball is challenging corporate Calgary to grab their "love grenades" for testicular cancer! Tweet us at @oneballcharity with your best groin grab picture! Be sure to nominate a friend today with the hashtag #feelingnuts.

Please also check out the hashtag #KickingCancersAss as Calgary's own Brett Wilson goes a second round in Kicking Cancer's Ass! We're all behind you Brett.

Check out the Metro News Article and Check One Two website for more information on the campaign!

Be sure to follow us @oneballcharity and on our Facebook Page!

Here are some of our board members in action #feelingnuts:

Jason surrounded by his children and many "One Balls".

Nick #feelingnuts in a lovely vineyard.

Chris #feelingnuts in his smoking jacket and lounge chair by the fire.

Shave-Off 2013

The time has come to give testicular cancer its fourth annual punch to the groin. The infamous Oneball Head Shave event is back!

The Shavees

The brave souls who have volunteered to raise money and get their heads shaved:

The floods that postponed our event have give our shavees some extra time to grow their luscious locks. This is gonna be a hairy affair. Don't miss it!

Gibson Cole

Hello, my name is Gibson Cole and I am here to punch cancer in the groin. In September of 2011 while on my honeymoon I was a little dismayed to find a lump in my left testicle. Upon our return home, my wife Tracy and I went to the doctor's to get it looked at and things happened pretty fast from there. We were told it was very likely testicular cancer and that I would be scheduled for a surgery within the week to get it removed-to become a "one baller" so to speak. As you can imagine, it was disconcerting for me to learn I was about to lose a part of myself from that area. That, and the terrible "c" word was involved. Even more disconcerting however; was sharing the news with family and friends. We had just been married and everyone was quite concerned about us and the possibility that we might not be able to have children. That was easily the most stressful part of it for me. Making big decisions on whether to sperm bank and so on. That and everyone worrying about me, I didn't want people to worry.

Needless to say I had the surgery, I waited, I went through the scans, x rays, and blood tests. I was very fortunate and received good news. We had caught it at a really early stage and even though I still get the scans, x rays, and blood tests, I have not had to go through chemotherapy. I believe education on this matter to be huge. In being a shavee for Oneball this year I hope to spread awareness of testicular cancer and all the things people may not know about it.

I'm happy to report Tracy and I were blessed with the arrival of our new son Zander on January 29, 2013 and we couldn't be happier about it. This whole experience has been a bit of a roller coaster ride with ups and downs. The support of family, friends, and organizations like Oneball have made all the difference. Please help me to support this cause so that it may support the many others that will face this situation.

Arthur Affonso

Hi, I'm Arthur and I'm here to give cancer a kick in the groin! One of my best friends was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2011 and I would like to show my support. Not to mention there has been lots of cancer in my family. I'm making a stand!

Now I have a nick name, and that is: Foof. As you might have guessed, my hair had something to do with that....and it is driving me crazy! Help me this June 20 and come out to bid on this fro!

Eric Doyon

I am pumped to have become a part of this charity event aimed at punching cancer in the groin as well as raising awareness. I am a late addition, however I assure you I will be a top quality shavee! I have curls that are only rivaled by the likes of Richard Simmons... except longer. I would like to mention that I have lost an uncle to cancer and that this is part of my motivation to help the cause. On top of that, I have some good friends involved and am truly glad to be able to help this cause through my beautiful hair! Please help me raise as much money as I can in less than a week. I don't have much time so dig deep and give what you can. I greatly appreciate any support! Here's to all the one baller's out there!

Click here to make a general donation to the event

Event Sponsors

The following organizations have graciously sponsored our 2013 event. We thank them warmly for their support.

Shave-Off 2012

The time has come to give testicular cancer its third annual punch to the groin. The now infamous Oneball Head Shave event is back! Strap yourselves in!

Email to arrange purchase. If you'd like to secure a table for your group, you can also email us at

Not only will be shaving people's heads, eyebrows, legs and whatever else we can auction off, we'll also have a silent auction, amazing comedy show, a raffle, and perhaps even more!

Event Sponsors

The following organizations have helped make our 2012 event a reality. We encourage you to rush out and buy everything you can from these incredible folks!

Shavee Bios

Trevor Dyer

Trevor lives in Innisfail, AB with his wife Marcia, and their two children Lucas and Paige. He is committed to his work in the oilfield for Sanjel Corporation out of Red Deer and has been there for over 13 years. Read More

Camping, quading and spending time with his family and friends are some of Trevor’s favourite pastimes.

"When I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in November 2010, if felt like my world was coming crashing down on me. At the time I didn’t know anything about testicular cancer, but after doing some research on the procedures I would be enduring my family and I started to feel better about the situation. During my chemotherapy sessions, a good friend of mine suggested I look at the Oneball website. He just so happened to be the auctioneer at the Shaveoff event. After searching the Oneball site, and watching Jason’s video diaries, I was very confident that everything was going to be ok."

"My wife and I attended the 2nd annual Oneball Headshave event in 2011. I was hooked, and eager to help the Oneball group in any way I could. I haven’t cut my hair since I lost it to chemotherapy over a year ago. What better way to support cancer survivors and current patients, than to become a shavee this year."

Glenda Mee

Glenda is a nurse at the Tom Baker Cancer Center who has seen many many testicular cancer patients going through chemotherapy. Read More

Glenda is shaving her head because she thinks it is very important to support our young testicular cancer patients. She has a such a big heart for our patients so please come out and support her! 

J.R. Brooks

J.R. is a born and bred Calgarian. With a thirst for exotic travel, JR lived in both Winnipeg and Lethbridge, where he eventually graduated with a degree in Finance. Read More

J.R. currently works for Livestock Water Recycling; a Calgary based environmental company focused on agricultural water treatment. A known Pearl Jam groupie, when not on tour JR loves to spend his time playing basketball and hockey.

Attending the Oneball event last year was an incredibly moving experience. Witnessing the passion and drive of those involved and what they were able to achieve was an inspiration. I have known Jay Baker for many years, but I feel as though I got to witness a side of him that night, one that I admire and respect a great deal. My participation in this even is a no-brainer. I’m excited that I have the opportunity to share in the passion of my friends and contribute in any way I can to such an amazing cause. It’s an honor to have the chance to make a difference in the many lives of those affected by this disease. 

Tom McMillan

Tom and his great head of hair grew up in Calgary and met Jason while windsurfing many years ago. Their friendship grew over many adventures both on the water and over drinks. Read More

This isn’t the first time Tom has given up his hair for Jay either, as a number of Jay’s friends shaved their heads prior to Jay’s initial round of chemotherapy.

"I have always been proud to have Jay as a friend. His relentless enthusiasm and lust for life is infectious and shines a light on all those who are lucky enough to call him a friend. After Jay was diagnosed with Cancer, what I found really impressive is that Jason’s positive attitude never collapsed. In the face of adversity, Jason rose, and now he asks all of us to rise in the fight against testicular cancer. I think he is the Winston Churchill of testicular cancer!"

"I like a man who grins when he fights"
— Winston Churchill

Tom is proud to be a part of the Oneball head shave charity, and is looking forward to shaving his lovely head of hair for testicular cancer. Heck, if he raises more than $5,000 he will happily wax his back as well... but hopefully nobody wants to see that!

Silent Auction

Take part in this year's silent auction, bid on these and more:

  • Lasik eye surgery
  • Wine tasting, Dinner packages, and a case of J. Lohr wine
  • Two Golf Packages, and a getaway to Emerald Lake Lodge
  • Luggage, skis and sports apparel
  • Calgary Flames merchandise
  • Discounted Realtor package to sell your home
  • Photography package
  • Original artwork
  • Over 25 items in total!

Money raised will go to the Alberta Cancer Foundation, and will be directed towards testicular cancer research and awareness initiatives backed by Oneball.

Shave-Off 2011

The gloves are off and the “balls” are to the wall... we're throwing events to fight this disease!

$40,000 in a single night. Can you believe it?

We did it! We achieved another amazingly successful head shave event in 2011. We were targeting $25,000 and we blew it out of the water by raising $40,000! The event was held at Yuk Yuk’s once again, and a special thank you goes out to Angie and her amazing staff. We sold out for the second year in a row with over 250 people in attendance.

We couldn’t have done this without our incredible sponsors. They are:

The auction itself was once again powerful, energetic and hilarious thanks to the wonderfully talented Ryan Smith of Champion Auctions. Why is this guy not doing stand-up? Amazing.

The true heroes of the event were, of course, our five very brave shavees, and the generous loved ones who sponsored them. They graciously donated their locks and their money in the name of eliminating testicular cancer. See their pictures below, and let their selfless examples inspire you to take action.

Head Shaver Profiles!

Nancy Baker

I am Jason’s very proud Mom, proud mother-in law to Christy and exited Grandmother to their daughter Addyson. 

When the call came to us that Jason was on his way into surgery to be treated for testicular cancer we were too stunned to react.  Stuff like that always happens to someone else,  right?  Not so. The surgery went well as did his recovery and we were feeling pretty complacent that we had gotten off easily and life would go on as usual.  So we joyfully celebrated their wedding and the upcoming birth of a first grandbaby. But we were in for another shock when they discovered more cancer and knew Jason would have to undergo chemo.

An emotional roller coaster ensued.  We wanted to be there to help but they felt they needed to fight this together as a couple.  We had to respect and admire them, but as parents it was very difficult to be so far away.  They were great about keeping us informed but we could see weekly the toll it took on both Jason and a very pregnant Christy.  Jason had his last chemo treatment just before their beautiful daughter was born.

I am very proud of the two of them as it was truly a journey they both took.   Jason is a very positive person and always sees the bright side so I was not surprised when he wanted to make a video of his struggle and start a charity to support and inform other cancer patients.

Their network of friends is wonderful and they were amazing in their support.  A very heartfelt thank you to them all as it made it so much easier for us knowing caring people were always there for them.

Since then we have lost a number of close friends to cancer and know of many more who are fighting this horrible disease.  It seems to be everywhere and none of us are immune.  Anything we can do to find a cure, we need to do, and if an act as simple as shaving my head helps to keep someone else from becoming ill it seems a very small price to pay.

Vance LeCocq

Vance is originally from New Brunswick (Dalhousie) and came to Alberta (Calgary) in 2008. After graduating from Dalhousie University(1992) he joined the chartered accounting firm of Grant Thornton LLP (where he is now a partner) and has been with them ever since (other than a 6 month “sabbatical” to mountain bike/hike/explore North America in 1995). Vance dedicates his personal time to his wife and 2 daughters, and to running, hiking, biking, exploring and generally keeping active.

Vance has a general passion for working with charities and has a particular interest in assisting those that impact youth and young adults.  Cancer has generally affected all of us in some way or another and when he met Jason Baker a couple of years ago and heard his story, he felt that shaving his head (and face) would be a small sacrifice for a great cause.

Mike Sackett

Mike has completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Management at the University of Lethbridge and is now is one of two partners at Optiema Inc, a small Accounting and Finance Recruitment firm. Outside of work Mike likes to keep active by playing a number of different sports and participating in a number of outdoor activities.

Mike had first met Jason through mutual friends about five years ago but they became much tighter in the last two years while playing hockey together.

Aaron Rickbeil

Aaron is a part of the leadership team at Western Electrical, one of the largest electrical companies in Alberta.  When he isn't helping Calgarian's to keep the lights on he can be found on the water - specifically behind a boat surfing, boarding or any other water sport you can think of. 

We are happy to have Aaron's generous support of his huge curly afro for our cause.  As you can see this shave is going to be a big project for the lucky winners of his shave auction!

Nicholas Hagen

Nick is native to Argentina and has been in Canada for almost 10 years.
Calgary has been home for 7 years. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Economics. Nick is fortunate enough to meet people like Jason and Christy who share the same passion in sports. Thanks to Christy, Nick met Jason 6 years ago.

"Cancer… this word seems to be the equivalent to death, dead, fear… but after seeing and participating through Jason’s brave journey to defeat this disease my thoughts have changed. Cancer can be defeated. Jason is the perfect example of the determination, bravery, love and willingness to live that is needed to survive and defeat cancer. I believe events like this one help me overcome the fear this word causes."