Shave-Off 2012

The time has come to give testicular cancer its third annual punch to the groin. The now infamous Oneball Head Shave event is back! Strap yourselves in!

Email to arrange purchase. If you'd like to secure a table for your group, you can also email us at

Not only will be shaving people's heads, eyebrows, legs and whatever else we can auction off, we'll also have a silent auction, amazing comedy show, a raffle, and perhaps even more!

Event Sponsors

The following organizations have helped make our 2012 event a reality. We encourage you to rush out and buy everything you can from these incredible folks!

Shavee Bios

Trevor Dyer

Trevor lives in Innisfail, AB with his wife Marcia, and their two children Lucas and Paige. He is committed to his work in the oilfield for Sanjel Corporation out of Red Deer and has been there for over 13 years. Read More

Camping, quading and spending time with his family and friends are some of Trevor’s favourite pastimes.

"When I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in November 2010, if felt like my world was coming crashing down on me. At the time I didn’t know anything about testicular cancer, but after doing some research on the procedures I would be enduring my family and I started to feel better about the situation. During my chemotherapy sessions, a good friend of mine suggested I look at the Oneball website. He just so happened to be the auctioneer at the Shaveoff event. After searching the Oneball site, and watching Jason’s video diaries, I was very confident that everything was going to be ok."

"My wife and I attended the 2nd annual Oneball Headshave event in 2011. I was hooked, and eager to help the Oneball group in any way I could. I haven’t cut my hair since I lost it to chemotherapy over a year ago. What better way to support cancer survivors and current patients, than to become a shavee this year."

Glenda Mee

Glenda is a nurse at the Tom Baker Cancer Center who has seen many many testicular cancer patients going through chemotherapy. Read More

Glenda is shaving her head because she thinks it is very important to support our young testicular cancer patients. She has a such a big heart for our patients so please come out and support her! 

J.R. Brooks

J.R. is a born and bred Calgarian. With a thirst for exotic travel, JR lived in both Winnipeg and Lethbridge, where he eventually graduated with a degree in Finance. Read More

J.R. currently works for Livestock Water Recycling; a Calgary based environmental company focused on agricultural water treatment. A known Pearl Jam groupie, when not on tour JR loves to spend his time playing basketball and hockey.

Attending the Oneball event last year was an incredibly moving experience. Witnessing the passion and drive of those involved and what they were able to achieve was an inspiration. I have known Jay Baker for many years, but I feel as though I got to witness a side of him that night, one that I admire and respect a great deal. My participation in this even is a no-brainer. I’m excited that I have the opportunity to share in the passion of my friends and contribute in any way I can to such an amazing cause. It’s an honor to have the chance to make a difference in the many lives of those affected by this disease. 

Tom McMillan

Tom and his great head of hair grew up in Calgary and met Jason while windsurfing many years ago. Their friendship grew over many adventures both on the water and over drinks. Read More

This isn’t the first time Tom has given up his hair for Jay either, as a number of Jay’s friends shaved their heads prior to Jay’s initial round of chemotherapy.

"I have always been proud to have Jay as a friend. His relentless enthusiasm and lust for life is infectious and shines a light on all those who are lucky enough to call him a friend. After Jay was diagnosed with Cancer, what I found really impressive is that Jason’s positive attitude never collapsed. In the face of adversity, Jason rose, and now he asks all of us to rise in the fight against testicular cancer. I think he is the Winston Churchill of testicular cancer!"

"I like a man who grins when he fights"
— Winston Churchill

Tom is proud to be a part of the Oneball head shave charity, and is looking forward to shaving his lovely head of hair for testicular cancer. Heck, if he raises more than $5,000 he will happily wax his back as well... but hopefully nobody wants to see that!

Silent Auction

Take part in this year's silent auction, bid on these and more:

  • Lasik eye surgery
  • Wine tasting, Dinner packages, and a case of J. Lohr wine
  • Two Golf Packages, and a getaway to Emerald Lake Lodge
  • Luggage, skis and sports apparel
  • Calgary Flames merchandise
  • Discounted Realtor package to sell your home
  • Photography package
  • Original artwork
  • Over 25 items in total!

Money raised will go to the Alberta Cancer Foundation, and will be directed towards testicular cancer research and awareness initiatives backed by Oneball.