Shave-Off 2011

The gloves are off and the “balls” are to the wall... we're throwing events to fight this disease!

$40,000 in a single night. Can you believe it?

We did it! We achieved another amazingly successful head shave event in 2011. We were targeting $25,000 and we blew it out of the water by raising $40,000! The event was held at Yuk Yuk’s once again, and a special thank you goes out to Angie and her amazing staff. We sold out for the second year in a row with over 250 people in attendance.

We couldn’t have done this without our incredible sponsors. They are:

The auction itself was once again powerful, energetic and hilarious thanks to the wonderfully talented Ryan Smith of Champion Auctions. Why is this guy not doing stand-up? Amazing.

The true heroes of the event were, of course, our five very brave shavees, and the generous loved ones who sponsored them. They graciously donated their locks and their money in the name of eliminating testicular cancer. See their pictures below, and let their selfless examples inspire you to take action.

Head Shaver Profiles!

Nancy Baker

I am Jason’s very proud Mom, proud mother-in law to Christy and exited Grandmother to their daughter Addyson. 

When the call came to us that Jason was on his way into surgery to be treated for testicular cancer we were too stunned to react.  Stuff like that always happens to someone else,  right?  Not so. The surgery went well as did his recovery and we were feeling pretty complacent that we had gotten off easily and life would go on as usual.  So we joyfully celebrated their wedding and the upcoming birth of a first grandbaby. But we were in for another shock when they discovered more cancer and knew Jason would have to undergo chemo.

An emotional roller coaster ensued.  We wanted to be there to help but they felt they needed to fight this together as a couple.  We had to respect and admire them, but as parents it was very difficult to be so far away.  They were great about keeping us informed but we could see weekly the toll it took on both Jason and a very pregnant Christy.  Jason had his last chemo treatment just before their beautiful daughter was born.

I am very proud of the two of them as it was truly a journey they both took.   Jason is a very positive person and always sees the bright side so I was not surprised when he wanted to make a video of his struggle and start a charity to support and inform other cancer patients.

Their network of friends is wonderful and they were amazing in their support.  A very heartfelt thank you to them all as it made it so much easier for us knowing caring people were always there for them.

Since then we have lost a number of close friends to cancer and know of many more who are fighting this horrible disease.  It seems to be everywhere and none of us are immune.  Anything we can do to find a cure, we need to do, and if an act as simple as shaving my head helps to keep someone else from becoming ill it seems a very small price to pay.

Vance LeCocq

Vance is originally from New Brunswick (Dalhousie) and came to Alberta (Calgary) in 2008. After graduating from Dalhousie University(1992) he joined the chartered accounting firm of Grant Thornton LLP (where he is now a partner) and has been with them ever since (other than a 6 month “sabbatical” to mountain bike/hike/explore North America in 1995). Vance dedicates his personal time to his wife and 2 daughters, and to running, hiking, biking, exploring and generally keeping active.

Vance has a general passion for working with charities and has a particular interest in assisting those that impact youth and young adults.  Cancer has generally affected all of us in some way or another and when he met Jason Baker a couple of years ago and heard his story, he felt that shaving his head (and face) would be a small sacrifice for a great cause.

Mike Sackett

Mike has completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Management at the University of Lethbridge and is now is one of two partners at Optiema Inc, a small Accounting and Finance Recruitment firm. Outside of work Mike likes to keep active by playing a number of different sports and participating in a number of outdoor activities.

Mike had first met Jason through mutual friends about five years ago but they became much tighter in the last two years while playing hockey together.

Aaron Rickbeil

Aaron is a part of the leadership team at Western Electrical, one of the largest electrical companies in Alberta.  When he isn't helping Calgarian's to keep the lights on he can be found on the water - specifically behind a boat surfing, boarding or any other water sport you can think of. 

We are happy to have Aaron's generous support of his huge curly afro for our cause.  As you can see this shave is going to be a big project for the lucky winners of his shave auction!

Nicholas Hagen

Nick is native to Argentina and has been in Canada for almost 10 years.
Calgary has been home for 7 years. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Economics. Nick is fortunate enough to meet people like Jason and Christy who share the same passion in sports. Thanks to Christy, Nick met Jason 6 years ago.

"Cancer… this word seems to be the equivalent to death, dead, fear… but after seeing and participating through Jason’s brave journey to defeat this disease my thoughts have changed. Cancer can be defeated. Jason is the perfect example of the determination, bravery, love and willingness to live that is needed to survive and defeat cancer. I believe events like this one help me overcome the fear this word causes."