Shave-Off 2013

The time has come to give testicular cancer its fourth annual punch to the groin. The infamous Oneball Head Shave event is back!

The Shavees

The brave souls who have volunteered to raise money and get their heads shaved:

The floods that postponed our event have give our shavees some extra time to grow their luscious locks. This is gonna be a hairy affair. Don't miss it!

Gibson Cole

Hello, my name is Gibson Cole and I am here to punch cancer in the groin. In September of 2011 while on my honeymoon I was a little dismayed to find a lump in my left testicle. Upon our return home, my wife Tracy and I went to the doctor's to get it looked at and things happened pretty fast from there. We were told it was very likely testicular cancer and that I would be scheduled for a surgery within the week to get it removed-to become a "one baller" so to speak. As you can imagine, it was disconcerting for me to learn I was about to lose a part of myself from that area. That, and the terrible "c" word was involved. Even more disconcerting however; was sharing the news with family and friends. We had just been married and everyone was quite concerned about us and the possibility that we might not be able to have children. That was easily the most stressful part of it for me. Making big decisions on whether to sperm bank and so on. That and everyone worrying about me, I didn't want people to worry.

Needless to say I had the surgery, I waited, I went through the scans, x rays, and blood tests. I was very fortunate and received good news. We had caught it at a really early stage and even though I still get the scans, x rays, and blood tests, I have not had to go through chemotherapy. I believe education on this matter to be huge. In being a shavee for Oneball this year I hope to spread awareness of testicular cancer and all the things people may not know about it.

I'm happy to report Tracy and I were blessed with the arrival of our new son Zander on January 29, 2013 and we couldn't be happier about it. This whole experience has been a bit of a roller coaster ride with ups and downs. The support of family, friends, and organizations like Oneball have made all the difference. Please help me to support this cause so that it may support the many others that will face this situation.

Arthur Affonso

Hi, I'm Arthur and I'm here to give cancer a kick in the groin! One of my best friends was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2011 and I would like to show my support. Not to mention there has been lots of cancer in my family. I'm making a stand!

Now I have a nick name, and that is: Foof. As you might have guessed, my hair had something to do with that....and it is driving me crazy! Help me this June 20 and come out to bid on this fro!

Eric Doyon

I am pumped to have become a part of this charity event aimed at punching cancer in the groin as well as raising awareness. I am a late addition, however I assure you I will be a top quality shavee! I have curls that are only rivaled by the likes of Richard Simmons... except longer. I would like to mention that I have lost an uncle to cancer and that this is part of my motivation to help the cause. On top of that, I have some good friends involved and am truly glad to be able to help this cause through my beautiful hair! Please help me raise as much money as I can in less than a week. I don't have much time so dig deep and give what you can. I greatly appreciate any support! Here's to all the one baller's out there!

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Event Sponsors

The following organizations have graciously sponsored our 2013 event. We thank them warmly for their support.