Fit as BALLS!

Well hello 2017...

Chris here from Oneball, and first off - Happy New Year from all of us here at Oneball!

January has now ended and like many people, I’ve decided, rather foolishly, to make a “New Years Resolution”. The resolution? Get fit as balls. 

Haha. Oh boy...

I know “getting fit” is a very common resolution, but my reasons for doing this are a bit different than most. To me, this will mean trying to do it to dispel a myth that I’ve told myself for a long time – that a man with no balls can’t possibly put on any muscle.

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Chris and I’m the President of Oneball. I was first diagnosed with testicular cancer at age 18 when I canned myself trying to dismount my parents’ elliptical machine. Getting canned saved my life, and that irony is not lost on me. I was then diagnosed a second time at age 23 during my fourth year of University. I was pretty quiet about my cancer for seven years until I joined Oneball in 2013 as a director. I took over as President in 2015, and was declared cancer free on January 12, 2016.

The inability to put on muscle was just one of many thoughts I had which negatively affected my self-image and my perception of desirability to women. By dispelling this myth, I hope to act as an example to other testicular cancer survivors who may be struggling with these same thoughts. To the rest of you: If a guy with no balls can do it, so can you!

So what does getting “Fit as Balls” actually mean?

Well internet, it means I’m going to be your guinea pig. I’m going to take as many suggestions from you as as I can, will try and tackle number of different fitness activities and diets, and will share my progress along the way! Fair warning - I know NOTHING about the world of weightlifting, personal training, proper dieting, etc., so you’re going to see me struggle A LOT, both physically and intellectually. I will do my best to translate the lessons and strategies I learn into a fun and interesting experience for you, the readers. If you’re expecting top notch/technical fitness blog, this will not be it – just a guy with no balls trying to put on some muscle, and have some fun along the way.

Obligatory "before" photo - not going to lie, it felt pretty weird to take

Obligatory "before" photo - not going to lie, it felt pretty weird to take

Also weird was not having a good way of doing a selfie of your back.

Also weird was not having a good way of doing a selfie of your back.

So how am I doing so far? Well… I hurt. I’ve decided to kick things off by trying some crossfit thanks to my friends over a Frontier Performance, and may be moving into some Olympic weightlifting in a month or so. The best way I can describe crossfit so far would be “never stop moving… now with weights!”. These workouts are incredibly intense. I've done 5 classes now and have felt like puking 3/5 times... which leads me to my first tip:

Not-so-pro tip: Don't drink a lot of water during a crossfit workout - you will regret it. I was told to drink something with electrolytes about an hour beforehand instead, and don't drink nearly at all during the workout.

I've also have had to learn some new movements (such as the clean and jerk) and have revisited some favourites like burpees, push-ups, and pull ups. The thing I love about crossfit already is that it really gets your heart rate up, and you can get in and out of the gym in just over an hour. I’m looking forward to working with Frontier Performance on my workouts, and on my diet as well - look forward to more details soon!

Step 1:  Deadlifts... just deadly

Step 1: Deadlifts... just deadly

Step 3:  A spritely little hop over the bar into...

Step 3: A spritely little hop over the bar into...

Step 2:  Burpees (everyone else is done+bored)

Step 2: Burpees (everyone else is done+bored)

Step 4:  A position I've dubbed "the dying dog"

Step 4: A position I've dubbed "the dying dog"

Some of you have probably heard it before, but my personal motto is that, “it takes precisely zero balls to make a difference.” In my eyes, making a difference doesn't require a tremendous amount of courage or even the physical presence of balls. Making a difference is a choice. A choice you have to make every day. I’m hoping over the next year that the choices I make will be an example worth following.

If you want to get #fitasballs with me, you’re more than welcome to! Tweet (@chrislloydsays), message, or email me at for suggestions, jokes about balls, whatever. Internet, I look forward to a fun and painful (in a good way) year of being your guinea pig.