The history of chest waxing

To start off, some of you may be wondering why this post is coming a month after the chest waxing event. Well, we wanted to make sure we had our story straight. It took some time to go through the annals of chest waxing, surprisingly we don't just have them laying around. 

On April 26, 2017 Oneball held a chest-waxing for charity event at Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club. Several brave men, including Oneball’s president Christopher Lloyd, volunteered their chests to help give testicular cancer a kick in the groin. If you want to see grown men cry and learn the history of chest waxing, you’re in the right place. If you came here for manly stuff like expensive sports cars and wrestling… sorry.

Disclaimer: This story may cause sudden urges to wax your chest, however it should not be taken as factual information.

1950s: The boom of the automobile and mobile chest hair removal.

Before the 1950s, chest waxing was known as an isolated activity that generally took place in the home. This was inconvenient for many men because the economy was starting to take off and they had to leave their homes for work every day. Cars were becoming more affordable and common, and so was mobile chest hair removal. Although it would be considered “distracted driving” today, in the 50s, chest waxing was a very popular thing to do on-the-go. Often times new cars would come with a built-in wax-melting machine, for all of your chest hair removal needs. Today this would be extremely dangerous, but it was a simpler time.

1970s: The decade of disco and decline of chest waxing.

The 1970s were all about big hair, music and bell-bottoms. Looking “cool” was becoming increasingly popular and so was having a hairy chest. The major wax companies were really hurting during this time period, and the trend of mobile waxing was nearly extinct. Chest waxing had to be re-invented and it had to be more innovative. In 1974, the tie dye chest waxing kit was born. It was just as groovy as it sounds. The kit included 4 bright colours that men could use to dye their chest hair before painfully removing all of it. Next time you see a tie dye shirt all you’ll be able to think about is a man with colourful chest hair, you’re welcome.

1990s: You can now google “ways to remove chest hair”

With the invention of the world wide web, chest hair removal was the number five most googled search in 1998. Information was now at your fingertips, and anything was possible. Although this was before the time of Facebook, many men got together and created chest waxing websites, where they could connect and make friends with other dudes who liked removing their chest hair. Fanny packs were a popular item of the 1990s and men were often found with their waxing strips inside of them for increased convenience. 

Another disclaimer: Although the above information is not real, our chest waxing event was as real as it gets. We couldn’t make up grown men crying like this even if we tried.

2017: Chest waxing is no longer just for fun, it’s for a good cause!

Oneball jumped at the opportunity to join the chest waxing fun. The brave contestants at our event offered their chests for us to wax, and in return they helped give testicular cancer a kick in the groin. We couldn't be mainstream like the decades before us and simply wax the chest so we also mixed in some stand up comedy and a silent auction. Thanks to the generosity of everyone involved, OneBall was able to raise over $12,000! We are thankful for everyone that donated their time, resources and chests to help out with our cause. We would also like to give a huge thank our sponsors, Service Credit Union and Yuk Yuk's, as well as our silent auction donors which are listed below. 


OneBall has re-invented the trend of chest waxing and we hope that this time it will be a lasting tradition for our charity. Please watch this video below of grown men in severe pain.

She's smiling because her chest isn't being waxed

She's smiling because her chest isn't being waxed

That's gotta hurt... 

That's gotta hurt... 

Look at that beautiful hairless chest

Look at that beautiful hairless chest