Shave-Off 2010

The gloves are off and the “balls” are to the wall... we're throwing events to fight this disease!

Head/Beard Shave Event

Our inaugural fundraising event took place on Thursday, June 17, 2010 at Yuk Yuk’s at the Elbow River Casino . Six brave friends, family members, and local Calgary celebrities did their part by raising sponsorship dollars and donating their salad in the name of testicular cancer.

What a huge success….together we raised over $26,000! From the help of the generous 200+ guest in attendance our $10K fundraising goal was shattered. With the clever auctioneering skills of our talented auctioneer Ryan Smith (Champion Auctions) we raised over $11,000 in just three short hours.

A big thanks to our partners at Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club (Angie) & House of Toli Salon(Corie) for their donated services and time. Your staff and team were amazing to work with!!

A HUGE thanks to our brave “shavee’s”; Angela, Jim, Cory, Darren, Tun and Kevin!  This event and its success could not have been made possible without your donated time and support towards our cause.  You are each truly heros!

Head Shaver 2010 Profiles!

Angela McConnell

Angela McConnell is a 32-year-old wife to a wonderful husband, Don and a mother to three beautiful children, Parker, Kate and Matthew. 

Like many of us, cancer has affected many people in my life.  I have lost people very dear to me but I have also had the good fortune of knowing some cancer survivors.  Jason Baker, the founder of The One Ball Organization, is one of those survivors.  Watching him and his wife Christy, struggle with his cancer and chemotherapy for seemingly endless months while they were expecting their first child, was both disheartening and uplifting.  To watch them stay positive and share in the successes of their attitudes and advances in cancer treatments was truly a privilege.  

While Christy and Jason dealt with their medical horrors, I also dealt with a medical crisis.  I had a massive pulmonary embolism on August 2 that left me in the Intensive Care Unit.  Initially, there was a lot of confusion about the diagnosis and the cause of my symptoms.  At one point, my husband was having candid discussions with the cardiothoracic surgeons about success rates of my proposed open-heart surgery. 

Unfortunately, the looks on my husband’s face (he is an acute care physician) told the story all too well.   Since then, the diagnosis became clear and I have the good fortune of having excellent medical care and I can be here sharing my life with my husband, children, family and friends.

These “close calls” with death take their toll on people but they also teach us a lot.  They teach us to cherish the important people in our lives, they teach to dig deep and find the courage to survive, to smile when we just want to cry, to hug people longer, to find hope in the bleakest situations, to forgive more readily, to pray more openly and to thank our medical researchers for their incredible devotion to medical advancements.

I have always had long hair; if I can raise money and hope for cancer research and for cancer patients, by shaving my head, I will gladly contribute.  Please do whatever you can to contribute to this worthy cause.

Jim Diachuk

Jim Diachuk is definitely a family man with many kids and grandchildren to keep him busy.  He is big old daddy to Christy, Carla, and Nadine, father-in-law to Jason and Darren, and the very proud grandpa Jim-Jim to Lilly, Addyson, andSonny.

My family has lost many precious family members and close friends to Cancer. In 1984 I had to watch as cancer robbed my mother, Verna Diachuk of her life. In 2007 my wife Candy passed away from cancer and left our family heart broken and mourning. We as a family stood together and fought the battles against cancer as it ravaged their bodies but watched helplessly as their lives slipped away.  It is so easy to blame the medical system but after consideration I have found it is better to support Cancer Foundations and Charitable Organizations to work for a better tomorrow.  I presently donate to various Cancer fundraisers and for the past eight years I have dedicated much of my time in April towards door to door canvassing for Cancer in my neighbourhood.

I am dedicating my hair for this event because of my love for Jason and my admiration of him as a husband, father and son.   I fully support his strong will and his personal goal to give “Testicular Cancer A Punch In The Groin”.

At my age, what is left of my longish greying hair is important but supporting Jason’s cause is a priority. I challenge my family to set up to the plate and offer their hair for next years event.  GO Jason Go!!!  One Ball TeamYEAH!!!!!!!!

Cory Thibert

I’ve been fortunate to have lived a full healthy life up to this point. The same can not be said for all of my friends and family. It’s with certainty that I can say diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Lupus, and MS to name a few have touched us all. Maybe not directly but we all know somebody who has suffered at the hands of one of these tragic diseases. Watching friends and family battle through these can be both devastating and inspiring at the same time.

To play my part I have agreed to participate in the “One Ball” event to fight testicular cancer. This is a great event put on by a close personal friend who battled through this terrible disease, not once but twice all before the age of thirty.

Darren Carpenter

Hello, my name is Darren Carpenter. I am the father of a wonderful baby boy and the humble Husband of an amazing and beautiful wife.  I wanted to help support the One Ball Organization because there is not one person I know who has not been affected by some form of cancer. My Grandmother lost her battle a few years ago with cancer after a long hard fight. She was so brave! 

I met Jason about 5 years ago in Hood River Oregon on a Windsurfing/Kitesurfing trip and that is when our bromance started. Baker is the type of guy that people gravitate to. He instantly became my close friend and our families have travelled to windsurfing destination together ever since. 
I am proud to help my friend with his cause!  

Tun Myo

With a full head of lustrous hair and a great sense of humour, Tun Myo has enthusiastically agreed to shave off his lovely locks for cancer. Cancer is a matter close to Tun’s heart, as he lost his father to the disease five years ago.

“Cancer is something that certainly leaves a mark on your life. It has the capability to turn your life upside down instantaneously while affecting your life forever. I am doing this because I know what it’s like to feel helpless while you encourage someone to fight. I am doing this for my dad.”

Tun will be raising money with the support of his co-workers and close friends. An accountant by day, Tun is also an avid photographer whose life goal is to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Kevin Booth

I am currently the General Manager of the Elbow River Casino and until recently have not been exposed to the tragedy and heart-breaking effects cancer inflicts on people everyday.  We help raise money through the casino and the charities that participate with us, but until somebody near and dear to me was affected could I begin to appreciate the hardship and the strength of the patient, the family and their friends.

My sister Sherrill was diagnosed with a rare form of terminal cancer 7 months ago, and I’m sorry to say I will be attending her memorial service a few hours before this event. She was a loving wife and Mother, a wonderful daughter and sister, and a beloved teacher.  I can say with conviction, I plan on living my life with a greater sense of meaning and purpose after seeing how her health changed so quickly. Sherrill was so brave and such an inspiration to all of us; anything I can do to help the cause would be something she would be proud of.

In addition, a long time friend and co-worker has also been diagnosed with cancer and money is being raised for her in the casino in conjunction with your event. Thank you for your efforts.

Shave Away!!!!