Welcome to the Oneball Patient Assistance Fund
or... as we like to call it, the "Balls Out Bailout"!

A journey begins

Imagine you're a young man between the ages of 18-35. You're settling into a career path and trying to 'find yourself'. You're getting into a nice relationship and are starting to achieve some level of financial stability. Life is good. Then one day, disaster. Everything is derailed all at once when you receive the unfortunate news that your balls are trying to kill you, courtesy of testicular cancer. This 'cancer talk' is the first step on a cancer journey that will be filled physical hardships, as well as emotional highs and lows, both for you and your loved ones.

But wait, there's more…

Now what if I told you that on top of all these physical and emotional challenges, you may also suffer crippling financial challenges as well? Right now, a patient undergoing chemotherapy and radiation can be forced to pay over $6,000 for medications not covered by our health care system. In addition to these medications, the surgeries associated with testicular cancer can put a patient out of work for some time. It’s hard enough for most people to pay for basic amenities on a low income, imagine how hard it is if you're a young man who’s just starting out on his own and has to pay thousands of dollars for life-saving medications. Talk about kicking someone while he's down!

Introducing the Oneball Patient Assistance Fund

With this in mind, Oneball is pleased to announce the Oneball Patient Financial Assistance Fund. Through a coordinated effort between Oneball and Wellspring Calgary, we are offering financial assistance to testicular cancer patients who are in dire straits by helping them pay for vital medications as well as other expenses.


So you probably have some questions...

What's covered?

The Oneball Patient Financial Assistance Fund offers up to $4,500 worth of financial assistance to patients per calendar year. Applicants can apply up to three times per year, with each application requesting a maximum of $1,500. Some examples of applicable expenses include:

  • Transportation or parking related to an applicant's appointments or treatment at his applicable cancer* 
  • Temporary accommodation during treatment
  • Prescription medications related to cancer treatment that are not covered by insurance
  • Childcare services during treatment
  • Supportive care, including counseling services or cancer support courses for the applicant as well as his partner and children
  • Rent or mortgage payments that are 30 days in arrears
  • Grocery gift cards**
  • Sperm banking prior to treatment

Documentation of additional expenses not listed above or in the full Oneball Patient Assistance Fund Guideline can be submitted and will be considered.

Who's covered?

While the funding can go to any applicant who has been diagnosed with testicular cancer, priority will be given to those actively undergoing treatment***.

Currently, the Oneball Patient Assistance Program is only available in Alberta. Please continue to check back here for updates!

How do I apply?

  1. Download the Oneball Patient Financial Assistance fund Guideline and Application
  2. Gather the required documentation.
  3. Email support@oneball.ca to schedule an appointment to complete your application in-person with a Money Matters case worker at Wellspring Calgary.
  4. Complete and submit your application at your appointment with a Money Matters case worker at Wellspring Calgary.
  5. Applicants will be notified of the status of their application within two weeks of Wellspring Calgary receiving their completed application form and all supporting documents****. 

Additional information

For more detailed information, please view the Oneball Patient Financial Assistance fund Guideline and Application document or email support@oneball.ca.

* The corresponding appointment confirmation from the clinic/hospital is required for this program.
** Grocery gift cards will be distributed via pre-purchased gift cards purchased by Wellspring Calgary.
*** E.g. patients currently recovering from surgery or receiving chemotherapy.
**** Oneball and Wellspring Calgary reserve the right to review and assess applicants in special cases or circumstances not listed in the application guideline.