Hello, we're the Oneball Organization.


Our Mission

Oneball's Mission is to provide meaningful assistance throughout the testicular cancer journey and destroy the stigma around talking about men’s health, and doing it one ball at a time.

Our Values

Oneball's values are what guide us in everything that we do, and what helps us stand out as one of the ballsiest charities serving patients today.


Be unconventional in thought and action

Oneball is not your typical testicular cancer charity. We are different and we’re proud. We’re going to go to places that no other cancer charity will go!


Take a playful and ballsy approach

Imagine having a beer with Chris Pratt as he tells you various jokes and facts about your balls. That's Oneball.

Our mascots, the Nutheads!

Our mascots, the Nutheads!

Chest Wax 2017

Chest Wax 2017

April Fools 2016

April Fools 2016

Support the community in a compassionate and genuine manner

We believe that cancer is not just a disease, but a community – and we want to help build and strengthen this community! 


Make a direct and lasting impact with clear and focused initiatives

We know balls. Because of this, we know exactly how to make sure balls everywhere are taken care of.


Educate by creating an accessible,
supportive, and comprehensive experience

Testicular Cancer can be scary and unexpected for men who have been diagnosed with this terrible disease. We give patients and their families the tools they need to help navigate their cancer journey in a easy to understand and relatable way.