Thank you to our Oneball Corporate Sponsors!

You da real MVP.



Sponsor Oneball

Our sponsors, both individuals and corporations are the pillars that help keep the roof over our heads. If you are looking to help sponsor Oneball in a bigger or more consistent way, please let us know! 

Thinking about sponsoring Oneball? Here is what makes us unique:


Volunteers Only!

Oneball is completely volunteer run charity. What this means is that every dollar you donate will go to giving testicular cancer a kick in the groin! Your donation will be invested into one of our three pillars: Awareness, Research, or Patient Assistance.

The Local Guys

Through our main charity branches, our student chapters, and our relationships with local cancer centers, Oneball ensures that it is integrated part of the communities it is present in. This local mindset allows us to be more effective in raising awareness and, most importantly, reaching patients currently undergoing their cancer journey.


A different approach

At Oneball we believe that learning and awareness about testicular cancer can be both informative and entertaining (or "infotainment" as we call it). This is why we take a lighthearted and playful approach to such a serious topic, which a