The funds we raise go directly to some really cool programs! The Oneball Organization is built on three main pillars:

Patient Assistance Fund

As Canadians we are privy to an excellent healthcare system where all chemotherapy is provided free of charge.  However, there may be support medications that boost your immune cells (e.g. G-CSF), anti-nausea pills (e.g. ondansetron), and antibiotics that patients often have to pay for themselves.  Some of these drugs are very expensive and raised funds can be used to help cover or subsidize the cost of these medications. In addition, there can be a significant financial burden placed on patients who are out of work due to their treatment. Oneball also supports the essentials such as rent or groceries to those in financial need.  Money that is raised through this organization will go towards maintaining our Patient Assistance Fund.


At Oneball, we are constantly searching for different types of research to help patients not only during therapy, but in their follow up and well-being after the disease as well. Our efforts in this area aim to find better ways to treat ALL aspects of testicular cancer - medical, physical, emotional, social, and psychological. To date, Oneball has helped fund the creation of a testicular cancer database, and is  proud to have funded life changing research in the Journal of Clinical Oncology (see our blog post here on some of our work).

Awareness and Education

Patient and public education about testicular cancer is key to ensuring early diagnosis.  The organization, working in conjunction with other organizations, holds events to not only increase the awareness of testicular cancer but to also educate patients about the importance of regular follow-up and to keep them apprised of any new advances in testicular cancer research and treatment. In addition, we have worked to form student chapters to help carry this message further, and are creating Testicular Cancer lesson plans for high schools and universities to utilize as well.